Songs appear in order of the album "Hunter & the Hunted"

All Songs by Yours Truly xoxo

The Wild & the Untamed


Finally your hair was hanging low

Low and braided days ago

I found you hid neath the hay

There we remained til the dawning of day


She said, "You will never be my burly man, 

Instead a ballerina dance

Throughout the kitchen, lacking pants

And still I will forever love this man"


All I can offer is who I am

enchant the world perceived

Untamed and wildly as children do

And do it often, please


In solitude you stroll the ocean sand

Raise a fortress on dry land

That one day would save our family

From the raging of the foaming sea


Up until the furthest edge of night

Skipping stones by candle light

Just as the wave come a crashing down

All I see is your thin body swimming round


All I can offer is who I am

Enchant the world perceived 

Untamed and wildly as children do

And do it often, please


I would never ask of you

To rearrange your attributes

Claim your own and call it mutiny!


Chaunti Sea


Chaunti Sea Chaunti Sea Chaunti Sea ya don go

come morn you'll rest and hide

Chaunti Sea Chaunti Sea Chaunti Sea ya don go

hold your babe lest she will cry

Chaunti Sea Chaunti Sea for the old night road

and drinking gourd will tell

that the north light shone on the banks of morrow

and the night shall know you well

Chaunti Sea Chaunti Sea Chaunti Sea ya don go

gone forth and cross the tide

Chaunti Sea Chaunti Sea Chaunti Sea ya don go

truth told upon the guise 

Chaunti Sea Chaunti Sea for the mire hath gone 

and the welcome hath drawn you near

Oh the North light shone on the banks of morrow

and the night hath drawn you near

follow the drinking gourd and on that way you'll find

that no one has gone before or either gone behind


His Muse


By the way, by the way

By the way ye call to me

I would leave Ashland town

Wend through every countryside around..


I'd hum a tune to draw you near

I'd carve your face upon a stone


Might you offer aid?

Might you offer aid?


And call my name?

Put it on the wind the wind will find its way to me

Call my name!

Louder now, that I won't delay you


But the good Fool don't speak till he joins his one and only

His One and Only


Land Where the Sugar Beets Grow


Old Piper came a barkin' in and Mama didn't know,

Papa couldn't tell what could have caused such fright

on that blazin' summer night

in the mornin' Tommy called out crying "look up at the sky,

look up at the sky, the day has turned to night but there sure are no stars"

Mama called to Papa shouting "look up at the sky, look up at the sky,

the sky is filled with birds and they are headed north"

Papa called to Mama crying "something must be wrong

something's going wrong, the birds are heading north and it's only mid July"

in droves and herds that have never been matched the bear and the lynx fled

the fox and the deer fled form the hills beyond their fields

where the corn and the sugar beets grow

in two days time old Jenkins came with a message from the west, with stories from the south: 

"the hills are burnin' down, our homes are burnin' down"

it didn't take long for the smoke to come and the fire to take the fields

the fire took the fields oh the corn is burnin' down - sugar beets are burnin' down

Tommy took his mother's hand and watched the fields burn down

he watched his house burn down - the only home he's ever known

Papa said to his one true love "we better go now,

for there is nothing left to reap on this land that we have sown"

one last look in papa's eyes and he let it all go

and he took his family's hands

beyond the land where the sugar beets grow




My Adventures with Jack as Sheepherders


Bread and milk we packed in our mountain sacks

We left before the day cracked

40 days and nights we had taken on 

the service of the shepherd's life


Every sheep was shorn yet proudly adorned

With embroidered silken garments

With silver woven tassels, hanging fine


We were long beyond the herald 

and the sounding of his trumpet

Yea, we lived and walked just where 

the fox and doe bid a merry day to the other


We paid no fee to no landlord, no!


You would have been happy to spy

Jack and I and 30 woolen friends carve a line

Through some remote dale

Fair and mild


We shall not return to the land of cobblestone

By the bending of the breeze, gently, we'll build our home


la la la.....



Kings & Queens


I was raised in the flatlands on a farm in Kentucky

Didn't have much of that thing called money

Still we went on our way and didn't know any better

For as far as we knew we were kings and queens


I used to take all my dates out to the airport

Sit in the grass and watch em do their thing

We would wonder what it'd be like to be up there

How would Nielson creek look from the sky?


My daddy would speak to me of the city

Tell me they had barns the size of lakes

All the people living in there were busy

Inventing things to make a life better


Sometimes I lay on my back and I wonder

Will the clouds above me reach the city?

Would I ever be lucky enough to get there?

And do my part to make a life better


I was offered to work in the city of Chicago

I asked my daddy he said I could go

Took my lady one last time to airport

Tomorrow I would be seeing her from the sky


Now I'm back in the flatlands on a farm in Kentucky

We spend the summers swimming down Nielson creek

In the winter it gets cold and still we feel lucky

To be living again as kings and queens 


Dear Ones


Dear Ones Dear Ones I have come here to tell

the tale of a heart strung open man

and in this tale there was a lady who loved him

her lips upon his her heart could tell

oh do not weep for the storm did call to 

the crumbling of the mountains steep

oh he was there in the sea to find her

their hands they held in time to see

the mountain side it fell upon them

and pushed them deep into the sea

they knew they knew their fate would find them

in a place where their hands no more could feel

the touch of a heart strung open man

or the gentle lips of a lady who loved him

for the plough is sharp and the furrow's deep

each hand on Earth has sown its seed

Dear Ones Dear Ones please do not weep

for our grave is no more real than you are

our time has come to go back to the sea

where our Fathers and Mothers sing the old songs

O and as the mountain pushed them deep

they breathed the air of the salty sea

and still their hands were clasped together

they fell into a breathless sleep


A Covered Tower Ivy Hid


I can no more 

Bare the noise of man

So I took to the wood


I had left childhood behind

Every dream inside

A closet I held captive from the outside


Through the years I lost track of time

What fills that closet now?

So I took to the wood

And Lo! I did find 

The strangest thing I'd ever seen

A covered tower ivy hid

And there alone a child stood

Calling me

Calling me

Calling me to his room

& there inside every wall dream inscribed

He told me everything twice

He felt a joy to share his mind


Now I'm old in time

I lost half my life

Shrouding dreams thin and wide

Choosing words I thought you'd like


Remember when you were just a kid?

You questioned not the way

You wondered everyday


The strangest thing I'd ever seen

A covered tower ivy hid

And there alone a child stood

Don't you ever forget


May Tree Arch


Where did your mother go?

I road through the ship road

where fleeting hearts go

after they've done so

who guards the morgue

the ones who open doors

they sing in lullaby's quake

to rest upon this wake

she was is a woman (who is this woman)

we speak about in love

the rains came to take her 

(their flesh, her flesh) into the mud

the keys drop to know each string 

that pulls the knower upon

whilst you listen to her sing of death's eternal song

follow me to the sea

to where the veil is thin 

set my soul free

and to you I'll dwell within

May Tree Arch!

two boughs bend upon the mast

and I sail upon your wings

May Tree Arch